Day Flown
  • Skiathos Airport
    This gem is dubbed the Greek St Maarten.
  • Sharm el-Sheikh Airport
    Fly past the luxurious Egyptian resorts.
  • Madeira Airport
    A beautiful airport with an exciting approach.
Pilot Flight Number Departure Arrival Landing Rate
Archie Andrews TOM 4474 EGKK LCPH -39 ft/min
Ryan Jarvis TOM 4762F EGKK LCLK -175 ft/min
Isac Jarding TUI 2238 EDDM GCLP -628 ft/min
Ryan Jarvis TOM 2368 EGCC EFRO -130 ft/min
David Allinson TCF 777 PHNL KLAX -211 ft/min
Harry Hedger TOM 512 EGCC LTAI -75 ft/min
Welcome our new recruits!
TCF2797 Harry Hicks EBBR
JAF2795 Alexis Grojean EBBR
TOM2794 Nathaniel Mitchell EGKK
BLX2793 Samuel Valasek EBBR
TUI2792 Dan Egan EIDW