Day Flown
  • Skiathos Airport
    This gem is dubbed the Greek St Maarten.
  • Sharm el-Sheikh Airport
    Fly past the luxurious Egyptian resorts.
  • Madeira Airport
    A beautiful airport with an exciting approach.
Pilot Flight Number Departure Arrival Landing Rate
Sebastian Wahl TCF 453 EKCH LEPA -128 ft/min
Cedric Monfleur TCF 774 LFPO FMEE -550 ft/min
Maury Brown CHA770 LIRN EGCC -300 ft/min
Sebastian Wahl TCF 2489 ENGM ESSA -502 ft/min
Robin Hofmann TCF 7931 EHEH EHAM -132 ft/min
Maury Brown CHA397 EGGW LIRN -150 ft/min
Welcome our new recruits!
TUI2501 Spiros Moros LGIR
TOM2500 Dylan Cope EGCN
TOM2499 Damien Hutton-Baber EGKK
TFL2498 Marwim Monteiro Brito EHAM
TFL2497 Mitchel Muñoz EHAM